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The QUICKTEST program implements some statistical methods for association testing using uncertain (imputed) genotypes. Some documentation and example files are provided with the source code. Precompiled binaries for some GNU/Linux systems are also available.

To find out more about the program, you could read the QUICKTEST user guide or QUICKTEST manual. This documentation is currently being worked on, sorry it is so shabby at the moment!

The program and its source code are free, and they can be freely used, distributed, and modified, under the terms of the GNU general public license.

QUICKTEST was originally written by Toby Johnson and Zoltan Kutalik, in the Computational Biology Group of Sven Bergmann at the University of Lausanne. The Vital-IT computational resource was provided by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. Additional code was added by Alisa Manning and Han Chen at Boston University.

Please REGISTER before downloading QUICKTEST

To download QUICKTEST, please type your email address in the box below, and then click on the Download button.

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If you have already registered and you know your login and password, click here to download QUICKTEST. If you have forgotten your password, just enter your email address in the box above and click the Downlaod button, and you will be sent a new password.

Why are we asking you to register to download free software?

It is true that QUICKTEST is free, and that you can obtain and use it without registering. However, because the current version of QUICKTEST is a beta version, and we are still worried that there may be bugs. Especially, there may be bugs that occur if you try to simultaneously use multiple program features in a way that was not anticipated by the program authors. Therefore, we very strongly recommend that you register by telling us your email address, so that we can inform you in the event that any important bugs are discovered. In fact, we recommend this so strongly that we have made it quite difficult to access the source code without supplying a valid email address. But of course, the code is free, so if you want to obtain a copy anonymously, you can just ask for a copy from someone who has already downloaded it. We actually have a list of email addresses of people who have already downloaded the code, so if you want to pursue this route, you could contact Toby Johnson, and he will send you an email address of somebody who you could contact to obtain an unregistered copy of QUICKTEST.

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